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I got an email this morning from someone named Hadley Rich from NZ. He’s made a kit based upon the same design I made my USB Cube that I made a few years ago. He reused the code I wrote and … Continue reading

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Yet another USB RGB LED

ThingM, are launching a new product, the blink(1). It looks like it has gone well through the kickstarter goal with $42,535 pledged at the time of writing. There are no details of the design yet, but I would bet the design is … Continue reading

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Upgrading Sheevaplug to Squeeze

I bought a cheap Wifi dongle (Edimax EW-7811UN) that I knew would work on the RaspberryPi and I had hoped that it would work on the Sheevaplug. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to install. Instead of fighting it, I decided to upgrade. The … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi initial software install

I’ve finally received a Raspberry Pi. No doubt it will end with the other junk I don’t use. I then downloaded Debian Squeeze, as that’s what I’m most familiar with. Installed that on a spare memory card and powered it via … Continue reading

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I bought myself a new toy for xmas from NewIt, a Sheevaplug. It’s a low power, ARM linux device. I plan to use it as a network attached storage maybe backup. The SheevaPlug has Ubuntu 9.04 pre-installed. Apparently its only draws 4 watts. … Continue reading

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Cube Hack part II (software)

I’ve created a Google code project with the snappy title of avr-usb-rgb-led. It is based on the hid-custom-rq example from AVR usb examples. I’ve added 3 new commands, one for each LED. It uses a software PWM to control the … Continue reading

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New blog

My first blog. Let’s see if I ever use it.  It will probably be mostly programming and hardware hacking. Recent projects I might write up include: AVR prototype parts Rock Band pedal Arduino Caps locker device

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