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LED Matrix

I’ve recently purchased a pair of 5×7 LED matrices. To learn how to use them I’ve decided to use my arduino to prototype them. I’ve downloaded the datasheet for the LEDs and I already have the arduino toolchain, so I’m … Continue reading

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Building the cube

I’ve finally set about building the USB mail alert. In my previous post, I showed the bread board prototype of my cube hack. Here is the adapted circuit diagram. Note: There is an error in the diagram 2 is actually … Continue reading

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Glowing Cube Hack

One of the promotional things that Linden Lab gives away is a small colour changing, glowing cube. Last year, we attended a job fair were we gave several away. One of the people who received one decided to hack his … Continue reading

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Getting started with Arduino; things to buy.

A friend of mine, Simon, has recently purchased an Arduino. He asked me, “how do I get started?”. Here is a list of the things that I’d recommend you purchase and why. LEDs Probably the simplest output indicator you can … Continue reading

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