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Using LED command line without root

A few of the people who tried to build the LED cube had problems getting it to run. Several people didn’t realise that you needed root. I’ve now had to solve this problem for my self as I’m now trying … Continue reading

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Mail notifier clone

I’ve been a bit slack with blog posts of late. I’ll probably start with more electronics when the weather turns, but for now I’m enjoying the sun. In the mean time several of the forum members on have been … Continue reading

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AVR Fuse settings

I’ve managed to ‘brick’ two of my ATTiny2313 chips by getting the fuse settings wrong. I’m not sure what I have done but I suspect I’ve set them to use an external oscillator without one. It should be able to … Continue reading

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ProjectSteve: Cylon attachment

My friend Johnny has brought into work a Roomba clone. Apparently it is not particularly effective at cleaning, so we have decided to hack it. It is named¬†ProjectSteve. He’s already has his vacuum cleaning parts removed and he is pretty … Continue reading

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Cube follow up

I’ve been asked a few more questions about the Cube, so here is a follow up post with some answers. Here are the previous posts with the information so far: Initial prototype and bread board version Firmware and Software Schematic … Continue reading

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USB caps lock fob

When building the USB mail notifier, I found this blog post describing how to build a tiny USB device that randomly turns the caps key on. One of my colleagues, Simon, particularly hates accidental caps presses, so much so that, … Continue reading

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Building the cube

I’ve finally set about building the USB mail alert. In my previous post, I showed the bread board prototype of my cube hack. Here is the adapted circuit diagram. Note: There is an error in the diagram 2 is actually … Continue reading

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Cube Hack part II (software)

I’ve created a Google code project with the snappy title of avr-usb-rgb-led. It is based on the hid-custom-rq example from AVR usb examples. I’ve added 3 new commands, one for each LED. It uses a software PWM to control the … Continue reading

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