Upgrading Sheevaplug to Squeeze

I bought a cheap Wifi dongle (Edimax EW-7811UN) that I knew would work on the RaspberryPi and I had hoped that it would work on the Sheevaplug. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to install.

Instead of fighting it, I decided to upgrade. The drivers that the dongle needs are included in the linux kernel from 3.0. I decided to upgrade to Debian Squeeze, which is the same OS my Raspberry Pi uses.

Also, the OS, Ubuntu Jaunty, I’m currently using is long past its end of life.

I decided to upgrade using one of the NewIt images using these instructions.

Writing the image seems like its going to take hours. I found a method for checking the progress of dd on OS X: kill -SIGINFO <PID> will make the dd process print its progress.

Edit: This didn’t really work. I’m going to start again.

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