Mail notifier clone

I’ve been a bit slack with blog posts of late. I’ll probably start with more electronics when the weather turns, but for now I’m enjoying the sun.

In the mean time several of the forum members on have been attempting to build a mail notifier inspired the LED cube that I’ve built. They’ve put their progress in this thread. Forum member posted some pictures to that thread. They’ve gone a bit further than I have by etching their own PCBs and using SMT components.

Here is the completed circuit controlling a mini lava lamp from forum member AlphaCentauri whom has also adapted with Twitter/ICQ/Mail notifier software, dBird to control the cube.


9 thoughts on “Mail notifier clone

  1. I’m starting a similar project, based on an FTDI evaluation board which has a couple of “bit-bang” outputs, and a colour-changing USB lava lamp

    The hardest part so far is getting the lamp apart – unscrewing the base is simple enough, unfortunately the lower silver section seems to be glued to the clear liquid section, and unfortunately the LEDs and control circuit are right up the top, almost inaccessible. Any tips on dismantling one of these?!

  2. Hello, Iam building this notifier at the time, and I am facing strange issue, I build programmer, and transferred hex to ATtiny, but When I connect chip to USB(on breadbord, without led at the time), Device is not recognized and keeps connecting and disconnecting. I thought that maybe some sort of interference, so I made connection as short as possible, but its still same. I found out that If I connect breadbord to USB without Chip I got device not recognized, but it doesnt disconnect. Do you have some idea what have I done wrong?(starting with setting some parameters in sources or anything, I didnt edited anything) I used to work with Microchips, so Iam new to ARM world

    Thanks and kind regards Seth

    • What do you mean by connecting and disconnecting?

      Typically when I have this sort of problem use an LED to help me figure out where the program is. It might be that
      Also I dont think an ATTiny is an ARM. Its an AVR.

      • Oh, Of course I meant AVR, sorry for my mistake. By connecting I meant that sound in windows, When you connect new device, this event has sound that can be set in preferences, and disconnectong device too. So I hear device connected, device disconnected…. In linux I saw dmesg and there was some messages with address and device not responding and error -71

  3. Unfortunately its probably a mistake in your circuit somewhere… make sure you’ve got D+ and D- the right way round, that confused me.
    I’d check double check the connections and make sure the voltages are right.
    Then start debugging. Unfortunately I don’t have any tools to help with this so it involves using an LED and flashing it when it reaches the right part of the program.
    Have you changed any of the code? You could easily make a mistake in the descriptor.

    • The code is from googleCode, nothing changed, just compiled. At this time I asked friend about fuses. Because I am not sure if they are part of hex or must me flashed separately. I am going to check all parts and then maybe some debuging tomorrow.

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