AVR Fuse settings

I’ve managed to ‘brick’ two of my ATTiny2313 chips by getting the fuse settings wrong. I’m not sure what I have done but I suspect I’ve set them to use an external oscillator without one. It should be able to get them working if I add an oscillator to my circuit.

Here is a tool that will help calculate the correct values for l/h/e fues.

It is possible to turn off the reset pin. When this happens the only option is to use the HV programmer. When the device is dead you might be able to recover them with this HV Rescue Arduino shield. I’m not planning to buy as I’d like to be able to use it with ATTiny45 which it does not support.


2 thoughts on “AVR Fuse settings

  1. A friend “bricked” a Mega 168 the other night by setting the external oscillator fuse bits, when we had no crystals on hand.

    We unbricked it pretty quickly by programming another chip to toggle a bit as fast as possible (probably around 4 MHz) and running the output into the first crystal pin on the “bricked” chip. Then we could re-burn the fuses back to using the internal oscillator.

    It’s a cool trick to have in your kit for when you need it.

  2. another possibility is to use the 1kHz calibration output of your scope. The clock signal doesnt need to be fast at all. Any clock source >=1khz works. Even a 1kHz audio output signal from your sound card *should* work.

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